Sungrown Happiness

Blue Dream
THC content of 17-24%, providing both indica and sativa effects.Known for an immediate uplifting cerebral head high, followed by a mellow relaxing body hig..
Blue Dream x Key Lime Pie
Contains 18-31% THC, ideal for experienced cannabis consumers. Induces a soothing and uplifting high​​...
The THC content ranges from 18% to 25%. Trainwreck produces a mellowing body high alongside a cognitive high that stimulates imaginative and inventive thou..
Mendo Crumble
The THC content in Mendo Crumble ranges between 18% and 25%, suitable for experienced cannabis consumers. Its effects include inducing relaxation and sedat..
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Our Ranch

Clover Valley Ranch is a California licensed 5 acre sun-grown outdoor garden utilizing different farming methods, located in Lake County. Producing over 30 high quality cultivars every year, the farm’s abundant sunshine, native soil and plentiful water provide an optimal growth environment for the plants to thrive.
We use regenerative and sustainable cultivation. The balance between tradition and science lends to our outstanding terpene profiles. Our strain menu updates based on seasonal availability.

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